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Grow Your Business by Adding Live Chat in Schaumburg IL

309 Marketing can help your business engage and support customers with live chat in Schaumburg IL. Call our digital marketing agency at 847-906-2287 for a free consultation today.

Recent digital marketing research indicates that 62% of online customers will more likely return to a website with live chat features. In addition, 38% of online shoppers said they decided to make a purchase because of a chat session. In fact, the importance of live chat as a business marketing channel continues to grow as other channels such as email, social media, and phone traffic have stagnated or lost effectiveness in lead generation.

Contact us now help your website better engage with customers by adding live chat in Schaumburg IL. Online shoppers utilize live chat as a method for convenient and instant research on products and service they need. Thus, you can quickly grow your business by using 309 Marketing live chat services to your company website.

Improve Your Sales Conversion Rate with Live Chat in Schaumburg IL

Guide your customers through their buying journey more efficiently by adding live chat in Schaumburg IL. 309 Marketing can provide automated live chat services that generate triggered responses to customer interaction on your website. As a result, your business can shorten the sales cycle and increase your sales conversion rate. Live chat proves effective in converting because of the following reasons:

  • Website Visitors Engage with Live Tools – Live chat can be used with automated triggers and welcome greetings to start a conversation with customers. Thus, your leads stay on your site longer and answer qualifying questions. Then, the chat can direct those leads to relevant sales staff or set appointments.
  • Customers Feel Engagement Through Final Sales – Live chat features can solve any apprehension that leads have toward your goods and services. In fact, your business can use live chat sessions to offer promos or other enticements to close sales.
  • Better Convert Visitors into Customers – The right chat messages in the buying journey can make leads feel comfortable and develop brand loyalty to your company.

Provide Real Time Customer Service with Live Chat in Schaumburg IL

Let 309 Marketing provide you with an online chat tool that helps to deliver proactive assistance to your customers. As a result, the chats can delight customers by delivering an excellent experience. Thus, your website visitors feel more of a connection and develop a better relationship with your business. In addition, live chat helps with customer service by doing the following:

  • Personalize Conversations – Automated live chats can respond to your customers with relevant answers and responses that give them confidence in purchasing from your business.
  • Handle Multiple Conversations – 309 Marketing live chat features can provide automated responses to several web visitors at once. Therefore, your site proactively engages with visitors to provide immediate assistance when they need it.

Gain the Edge on Your Competition

Many of your local competitors still do not use live chat in Schaumburg IL. Thus, you can gain an advantage and market share for your company by being the first to offer this service to customers. As a result, potential customers will see that your business offers a unique and responsive way for them to get answers. Consequently, they will enjoy their experience with your company site and feel encouraged to use it for repeat business.

Contact Us to Better Serve Customers with Live Chat in Schaumburg IL

Let 309 Marketing help your business offer its customers faster and more efficient service with live chat in Schaumburg IL. Give us a call at 847-906-2287 or schedule a free consultation online. We are available from Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, from our local office at 1320 Tower Rd Ste 169, Schaumburg, IL 60173.

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