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Make a Statement with Visually Appealing Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Understanding art and design is an aspect that not every individual can fully comprehend. However, those more in touch with their creative side can produce colorful scenes, eye-catching designs and stunning visuals meant to capture the hearts and minds of any audience. And at 309 Marketing, we have just the group of talented individuals as a part of our Graphic Design team. Whether looking to make a new logo, create new promotional material, or want to redesign your brand, our professionals can help. We have years of experience lending our graphic design expertise to businesses throughout Illinois and beyond.

309 Marketing utilizes Graphic Design in near everything we do. The reason being, the creative work done by graphic designers is what makes marketing appealing for your audience. Through a combination of shapes, colors and styling, graphic design work can meld to your brand and appealingly represent your business. Allow 309 Marketing to give your company the visual edge you need to attract more customers and sales.

What Graphic Designers Must Understand

A graphic designer possesses a deeper understanding of the colors and shapes that go into a design. Our team understands what works best with people’s tastes. Moreover, we can utilize designs, photos, art and illustrations to further target your desired audience. No piece of graphic design is made without a great deal of planning and research.


The first thing you notice in any work of art is the colors. Different color gradients are utilized to invoke certain emotions from those viewing a work. For example, you’ll see security companies use blue in their logos because the color blue brings a sense of peace and security. Also, many restaurant chains will use yellow to bring a sense of happiness and friendliness.


After color, you’ll begin to take notice of shapes in design. Similar to before, the right shape can target the feelings you want your business to convey. Circles are best for getting across the idea of community and completeness. Additionally, squares and angles embody a more masculine feel, while curves and soft corners are more related to femininity.


Graphic designers also keep in mind the scale of various aspects of the design. Often, if you want something to stand out, you increase its size. However, it’s a balancing game to ensure the most important aspects of a design are noticed first. Ads will have the message they want to come across the most bolded and expanded, being larger than the other text.

Design Experience You Can Trust

The Graphic Design team at 309 Marketing has years of design experience you can rely on. You’ll find we do:

  • Technical Illustration
  • Design & formatting for websites
  • Hands-on work with clients
  • Special requests and customization
  • Design for videos, brochures, outdoor ads & more

Stellar Graphic Design is a Must

Any large business or corporation has a team of graphic designers at its disposal, for putting forth a cohesive creative vision. The same must be true for your business. With the help of our Graphic Design team, we can ensure your business stands out from your competitors.

  • Establish Your Brand – If you have differing designs and opposing creative visions behind your business’s brand, you risk confusing and alienating your customer base. With a graphic designer and their team, you can establish a creative idea for your brand that both represents what you’re about and conveys a consistent message.
  • Gain Customer Confidence – If your business’s logo or branding is poorly designed or the color is off-putting, potential customers can be driven away. Conversely, the right shapes and colors will draw people in, imbuing them with a sense of trust and confidence in your business. First impressions matter when it comes to attracting new business.
  • Be Remembered – The more colorful, creative and visually appealing a design is, the more likely you’re to remember it. And the same can be said for your business’s audience. By creating promotional material, videos, logos and more that are eye-catching and easy to remember, you ensure potential customers remember your business’s name.

A Touch of Creativity for Your Business

Including Graphic Design, 309 Marketing offers a variety of services that delve into the creative side for any business. Not everyone is creatively inclined, but that’s why we’re here to help! While you focus on the “business” side of your company, we’ll help you with the creative side. Just a few of our other services include video production, logo creation, brochure design and more.

Contact 309 Marketing

Let the professionals at 309 Marketing give your Graphic Design game an edge. We can offer you the best creative solutions meant to drive more leads and attract a wider audience. Call us today at 309-213-9398 to request a quote. Also, our Peoria office is located at 311 SW Water Street, Unit 201 Peoria, IL 61602. Other office locations include Schaumburg, Tampa, Orlando and St. Petersburg.


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