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Reach Out to Your Clients Via Email Marketing

Email Marketing

It’s one thing to stay connected with your audience via social media, but there’s a distinct difference between building an online presence and advertising to your base. When you have a new promotion, upcoming event or monthly newsletter you want to reach your audience, the best way to relay your message is through Email Marketing. However, creating custom templates, writing distinct copy and scheduling out messages on a timely basis can be difficult for any small business to handle. Thus, you can count on 309 Marketing to manage all your emailing endeavors.

At 309 Marketing, we can help you develop an efficient and consistent email marketing campaign. Numerous factors go into sending out “eblasts” to your clients. From knowing the best times to send an email to putting together the best format for your message, 309 Marketing’s team has the know-how and experience to head up your email strategy. Between our professional graphic designers and content writers, your emails can be both informative and inviting to those who open them.

An Effective Messaging Strategy

Email Marketing is a useful digital marketing service for several points throughout the “marketing funnel.” An email can help to build interest for a product or service, push consideration into intent, and reach out to previous customers after purchase.

Building Interest

Once visitors have reached your website via a blog, search engine or other means, they can be directed on your site to receive more information. Often, this can include a quote, offer, PDF file, etc. If said visitor engages in such a way, you can help them continue to engage by creating an email campaign to keep encouraging them to buy your product or service.

Consideration into Intent

Once a potential new customer engages with your site, a properly planned email campaign can help “convert” them (provide them with the intention to buy). Much of this work is done through follow-up emails with clear call-to-actions. Pushing clients into conversion also consists of messaging promoting your products or services, and how beneficial they can be.

Keeping in Touch

After a sale, a thank you email offers an appreciated personal touch. Moreover, you can continue your email strategy by providing new sales or promotions. Sometimes, an email can be another way to promote an event previous clients may be interested in. Or, email campaigns can provide semi-regular updates for your company, if it’s something you believe clients would like to receive.

Getting Your Campaign Started

At 309 Marketing, we get your Email Marketing off the ground and running in a way you can have it automated and personalized. For example, we:

  • Create unique email templates.
  • Write content to match your brand.
  • Promote your sales, events or business updates.
  • Build your email subscriber base.
  • Provide reports based on the open rate of your emails.
  • Help you achieve your goals.

How Emails Can Benefit Your Business

While Email Marketing is different from other digital marketing offerings, it offers its own unique advantages. From promoting your brand to reaching out to your audience, an email marketing campaign is something every business should consider as part of their marketing strategy.

  • Brand Recognition – Emails allow you to promote your brand via graphic design and writing. Moreover, by creating a consistent brand, your audience comes to recognize your business. This helps to keep your current client base engaged with your products and services.
  • Sales, Deals & New Offers – An email is an excellent way to keep your audience up to date on the latest offerings of your business. You can use your email campaign to advertise a holiday sale, convey new store hours or promote a new product or service you’re offering.
  • Relationship Building – By keeping the messaging for your emails sincere and personal, you won’t come off as spam. Furthermore, your Email Marketing can begin to build a relationship with your clients. Thus, you cement brand loyalty and get a reliable source for positive reviews, continued sales and community engagement.

Make Digital Marketing a Mainstay

Email Marketing is only one slice of the pie when it comes to digital marketing. 309 Marketing, alongside web design and traditional marketing, offers reliable digital marketing services from industry experts. For example, you can complete your online advertising campaign with:

Get in Touch with 309 Marketing

When you’re ready to kick off your Email Marketing campaign, or are wanting to sample one of our many digital marketing services, give the experts at 309 Marketing a call today. You can contact us at 309-213-9398 to request a quote. Also, our Peoria office is located at 311 SW Water Street, Unit 201 Peoria, IL 61602. Other office locations include Schaumburg, Tampa, Orlando and St. Petersburg.


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