Local Directory Management

Make Sure Your Business is Found Through Local Directory Management

Local Directory Management

As a locally owned and operated business, it’s everything to ensure your community notices you. While there are steps you can take with traditional media marketing to get your name out there, online marketing can be just as powerful, if not more so. Moreover, ensuring your business’s name is on every local and big-name directory available can make sure your company gets picked up in search results more often. Making sure your online profile is consistent across all directories goes a long way to building trust and reliance between you, search engines and clients. Achieve increased relevance and reach when you opt for Local Directory Management through 309 Marketing.

The team at 309 Marketing can help bring your business to prominence across all directories on the web. Our digital marketing experts understand what looks best on listing sites like Yelp, Yahoo!, Apple and more. Additionally, we can properly optimize your listing to show correctly on services like Google My Business and Google Maps. It can take a lot of time and work to ensure your business listing stays consistent throughout the web. However, 309 Marketing can help streamline the process and keep your listing up to date on hundreds of directories all at once.

The Usefulness of Directories

Before the internet became the number one location to track down business information, folks turned to their local phone books. As a part of your Yellow Pages, businesses either had their number and address listed or bought out space for a large ad. Today, directories have changed, and phone books are no longer the best place to advertise for your business.

Simple Sign-Up

Most online directories don’t require a ton of hoops to jump through to have your business listed. In most scenarios, creating a listing requires making an account and producing the most relevant information related to your business. However, with countless local and national directories across the internet, the sign-up process for each can become long and tedious.

Control the Flow of Info

Every client is different, and there’s no way to know how any one person will find information on your business. However, the one thing you can control is the flow of information you provide new customers. Creating consistent listings across the web for your business ensures potential leads always receive the same messaging. And through directory management, you can keep that messaging consistent.

Stay Up to Date

How can you accurately relay new hours of operation, a change of services or new locations to your clients? The answer is simple: Local Directory Management. Keeping your listings up to date helps to improve the customer experience. Additionally, it shows search engines your business is active and deserves to be pushed towards the top of search results.

309 Marketing & Yext

Our partnership with Yext allows us to provide the best Local Directory Management. For example, you get:

  • Listings on directories like Yelp, Google, Bing & more.
  • A detailed listing profile for local and national directories.
  • Analytics showing the impact of your directory listings.
  • Fast and reliable service for all updates.
  • Review management and restaurant directory services.

What Does Directory Management Directly Affect?

For those still on the fence about utilizing local directory management, it’s a good idea to know what your listings directly affect. Thus, you’ll be able to understand why adding and updating listings for your business is so essential.

  • SERPs – Search engine results pages (SERPs) have plenty to gain from multiple directory listings. The more times your business’s website is linked and mentioned on the web, the more times it can appear on search engines like Google or Bing
  • SEO – In correlation with SERPs, your search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant part in your listings. By creating more backlinks for your site through listings, search engines have an increased likelihood to rank you higher.
  • Website Traffic – As SERPs lead to SEO, SEO leads to website traffic. More available links to your site ranking high on search engines mean you’ll have more visitors clicking on your webpages. Thus, this creates an opportunity for you to turn over more leads.

Superior Digital Marketing Services

Local Directory Management is an incredible asset to increase your online presence. However, 309 Marketing offers other digital marketing services meant to complete your online profile and pull in a large number of quality leads. Alongside website development and traditional media solutions, digital marketing is what 309 Marketing is known for. What we offer includes:

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