Direct Mail

Direct Mail

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Work for Your Business

309 Marketing offers direct mail marketing products that resonate with customers who prefer receiving tangible messages they can hold and read. Call 309-228-9640 to request a free consultation with your trusted local marketing source today.

Each member of your audience brings unique tastes and preferences to the marketplace. Therefore, you can create the best connection with some customers by using the positive psychology of receiving a physical gift. Thus, your business can benefit from direct mail because of the following:

  • Creating Memorable Connections – Customers who prefer the human touch enjoy receiving a handwritten note or personally-chosen item. As a result, your business can create more meaningful connections with clients by utilizing direct mail in this manner.
  • Getting a Better Response – Direct mail offers your business the ability to boost return on investment because of an improved response rate. Direct mail returns a response rate 30 times more effective than the most powerful digital channel, email.
  • Letting Your Creativity Shine – Direct mail offers your business an unlimited potential to delight and entertain your customers. In coordination with a sending platform, you can use direct mail to personalize marketing with handwritten notes, corporate swag gifts, gifts customized to specific people, sweet treats, gift cards, or tickets to sporting events, shows or concerts.
  • Facing Less Competition – Many of your competitors no longer budget for direct mail. Consequently, you can reach your customers in a more unique way in an under-utilized marketing channel.

Does Direct Mail Marketing Still Work?

The answer is, yes. Direct mail marketing still provides your business with a valuable way to connect with prospects, leads, and clients in a meaningful way. It works because it takes your business marketing in a different direction than the rest of the competitive herd.

Potential customers now spend more than five hours a day on smartphones, according to research provided by Hubspot. In addition, Tech Times reported almost half of Americans check their phones before getting out of bed. Thus, businesses reacted by investing much of their budgets into digital marketing. However, the digital marketing overload has overwhelmed many members of your audience. Consider the following:

  • 75% of online users admit to feeling overwhelmed by email marketing, according to a survey by Edison
  • 25% of consumers stated they use software to block digital advertising, according to Statista

Consequently, your business can cut through the digital marketing clutter with a unique and different approach via direct mail. Therefore, let 309 Marketing help you plan a direct mail campaign that will create a unique connection with your customers.

How 309 Marketing Can Help Your Business with Direct Mail

309 Marketing specialists can help you manage the moving parts that come with implementing a campaign. In addition, our marketing consultants will put their 30 years of experience to work for you in helping to get the best return on investment. Consequently, let us consult with you to determine the following keys to a successful campaign:

  • Define Your Specific Audience – We can help you specify the parts of your audience you need to target. In addition, our team can help you target recipients motivated to act after receiving your advertising. As a result, you save time and money by excluding less relevant leads.
  • Define Your Call to Action – Your campaign should easily define to recipients how they should respond to your offer. Call to action features in your direct mail should provide clear directives, timelines, and expected results.
  • Test Your Approach – You can make any necessary refinements to your campaign by sending out a small batch of mail to test recipients. Thus, you can evaluate results by using tracking methods such as coupon codes to identify relevant response rates.
  • Eliminate Manual Workload – 309 Marketing can help you utilize a sending platform to free you from the time demands of manually sending the direct mail. In addition, we can help with automatically track and reporting your return on investment. As a result, you can improve future budgeting and campaign management efforts.
Direct Mail

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