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Design & Development

Attractive website design is sure to pull in plenty of visitors. However, what good does that design do you if your visitors cannot properly navigate your website? Just as important as design is, Website Development plays an incredibly crucial role. In creating your website, the development process entails making sure all the work done on the backend of your site results in positive user experience on the frontend. Ensuring every button and link leads somewhere, and nothing looks odd or broken is the job of the website development team. And at 309 Marketing, our team of developers is the best at what they do.

309 Marketing has years of experience, both designing and developing websites for all industries. From small business ventures to well-known companies, our web development team has assisted groups throughout the U.S. to establish themselves online. Additionally, we develop and design your site with digital marketing in mind, so starting an online ad campaign is always easy with a website from 309 Marketing.

Getting Down to Coding

For any website to look and function the way that it does, it falls on the developers to create the proper code. Coding can be a tedious and challenging task, but one such job our developers handle daily. When you can seamlessly switch between webpages, quickly click on links and perform specialized functions on a website, you have the site developers to thank.

Creating the Interface

After a web designer has created a design for a site, keeping in mind branding, typography, color pallets, readability, functionality and more, a web developer takes those ideas and builds the interface for them. Essentially, the website design is only a concept, and a website developer turns that concept into reality.

Building the Tools

More than creating the visual and functional aspects of a website, web developers build the tools that users interact with. For example, Website Development encompasses the creation of databases, email services, user portals and the like. A finance calculator on an accountant’s website is something developers put together. Or, if you are sending a message via a contact form, developers made that possible.

Making Updates

As the internet is continually changing and the base for any website always requires updating, so too must your website’s code stay up to date. Thus, Website Development is essential long after your website is up and running. A development team ensures the websites they manage are working correctly daily. And when errors do occur, developers are the first to correct them.

Website Development You Can Count On

309 Marketing’s Website Development team goes above and beyond to ensure your website achieves its maximum potential. What we offer includes:

  • The latest WordPress version to develop your site.
  • 100% custom coding and design for any website.
  • Utilization of plugins for best performance.
  • Secure coding to prevent hackers from accessing.
  • Optimized to rank high on Google Search Engines.
  • Rigorous testing performed before launch.

Why Do You Need Quality Website Development?

You could be running the most extensive digital marketing campaign and attracting thousands of leads. Still, none of that matters if you only have a poorly developed site to send potential customers to. Website Development is an incredible boon to both your online presence and your business if done right.

  • Effectively Get Your Message Across – If your website is a jumbled mess of broken links and confusing redirects, there is no way a visitor is going to pull anything meaningful from it. Instead, the work of web developers can ensure you accurately relay your business’s message.
  • Build Credibility – It’s hard to take a company seriously if their website is a complete mess. A properly functioning website not only helps potential new customers find what they are looking for, but it helps to establish yourself as a legitimate business.
  • Grow Your Business – Whether looking to update your site or build something from the ground up, a change in your online presence can help your business grow. Website Development opens the door for new and exciting features to be added to your site. Thus, customers can engage with you more, and you’ll begin to see your traffic increase.

The Full Package for Your Website

Website Development is only one part of a more extensive process of creating or updating your website. The team at 309 Marketing works daily to ensure our new and exciting websites are up to our clients’ preferences. We are also experts when it comes to website design and the creation of e-commerce sites. Moreover, our wide array of digital marketing services can help to get your website noticed and produce significant leads for your business.

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Website Development is key to the creation of any website, so make sure your business has the best with 309 Marketing. Contact us today at 309-213-9398 to request a quote. Also, our Peoria office is located at 311 SW Water Street, Unit 201 Peoria, IL 61602. Other office locations include Schaumburg, Tampa, Orlando and St. Petersburg.


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