Programmatic Display and Video

What are Programmatic Display and Video Advertising?

Programmatic display and video, a service offered by 309 Marketing

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You may not completely understand how programmatic display and video advertising works. Therefore, let our digital marketing agency explain the product for you. Essentially, programmatic display and video is a form of advertising that uses software to automate the process of buying and placing marketing time. For an example, here is how the process would work on YouTube:

  • Video ads appear before or after content that users selected to watch.  The format allows for skippable or non-skippable ads. However, your business would only receive billing on skippable ads after a user watches 30 seconds of the ad or watches it to completion.
  • Online users can watch your advertising on mobile devices, laptops, and smart TVs that utilize the YouTube app.
  • Video advertising on applicable mobile devices or laptops can also contain links to drive traffic back to your business website

In addition, programmatic display and video advertising also work on the Google Network. Videos appear on sites using the Google AdSense program. Two subsequent visitors to the same site do not necessarily see the same video.

Do Programmatic Display and Video Ads Work on Social Media?

With 3.5 billion users on social media, the reach it offers to your business is undeniable. Fortunately, you can tap into that power by using programmatic display and video advertising. For example, here is how the process would work on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram:

  • Videos open on their own directly in the users’ feed when they visit the viewable part of the screen.
  • In relation to shares or comments, video advertising functions like posts. As a result, users can comment on and share them. Thus, your business expands its potential reach.
  • Videos contain parts of a message that can drive traffic to Facebook event pages or back to your company website

Take Advantage of the Benefits from Programmatic Display and Video Advertising

Now that you understand how programmatic display and video advertising works. Let 309 Marketing specialists educate you about how your business can use them to drive revenue. For your convenience, we encourage you to read the following list of great benefits your business can receive:

1. Enhanced Targeting of Your Audience

Your business can use programmatic display and video advertising to target many different desirable demographics for your products and services.  In addition, you can choose what time(s) of day you want users to see your ads. Plus, you can target users based on their interests, browsing behavior, or location. Also, you can find out what websites and apps they use most frequently. For example, you can use the following targeting techniques

  • App or Website Targeting – You can ensure visitors of specific apps or sites see your advertising
  • Demographic Targeting – You can target your audience based on gender, age, education, income, interests, or other demos.
  • Contextual Targeting – Your business can target advertising based on the content users are viewing.
  • Geographic Targeting – You can target an audience within a specific geographic location.
  • Re-Targeting – You can send ads to users who have already visited or made purchases on your business website.

2. Get More Return on Your Investment

Programmatic display and video advertising allows your business to take a lot of the guesswork out of buying and placing ads online. Consequently, you can increase the effectiveness of your advertising on a smaller budget. Thus, your company will spend less money sending ads to parts of your audience less likely to buy your goods or services.

Also, these sorts of ads usually cost less than traditional online ads because they are part of what platforms consider as “remnant inventory.” Essentially, these ads get sold in space that sellers have a hard time selling directly on their own. As a result, they auction off the space, usually at a much lower rate.

3. Enjoy Advanced Tracking Capability

Programmatic display and video advertising offers your business the ability to better track users who have seen your ads, too. The date you can evaluate also allows you to look at the total number of conversions. Plus, it also provides insight on the category and value of each individual conversion gained from users who viewed or clicked on your ads.

Examples of video ads appearing on a phone, part of programmatic display and video

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