Search Engine Marketing

Give Yourself an Edge in Online Searches with Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Whether looking to get your new business off the ground or trying to give your company the boost it needs, online marketing offers an effective solution. Your business will begin showing on the top of search results and on ad banners across the web, through a finely tuned placement and spending strategy. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the best ways to help your business stay relative in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and one of the many services 309 Marketing is known for.

309 Marketing helps businesses throughout the U.S. come up with thorough and effective marketing campaigns that directly serve your desired audience. Our team of SEM specialists works with you to target the clients you want the most. Ultimately, it’s all about getting you leads, and the team at 309 Marketing knows the best ways to get that done.

Invest in SEM for Fast Results

While other digital marketing strategies, like SEO, take time to plan and implement, the process for Search Engine Marketing is much quicker. By placing your spending behind the right categories and keywords, you can see your ads appear at the top of search engines and web pages. However, there’s still plenty of work that goes into ensuring your message reaches the best audience for your business.

Pay to Play

Rather than building your online presence organically through social media and SEO, SEM will make sure your ads are seen right away if you’re willing to pay. Search engines and third-party sites offer key ad space at the top of their pages. When someone searches for a keyword you are targeting, your ad will appear. And, if they click on your ad, you then pay for that click.

Specific Targeting

While SEM operates under a pay-per-click (PPC) model, it’s unique from other PPC models. Instead of placing your ads randomly across the web, SEM targets individuals explicitly searching for the keywords you set your budget behind. So, in this sense, it’s like search engine optimization but can instead yield immediate results.

Bidding War

Additionally, specific keywords may cost more to advertise for than other “less searched” words. However, with SEM, it’s all about knowing what will yield your business the most leads. We will research to determine what keywords your audience is most likely to search for. Thus, by not bidding as high for more specific terms, we can still net you leads while keeping your budget low.

Our SEM Strategy

Through 309 Marketing, you can expect an SEM campaign that produces results, as we:

  • Develop high-performance digital advertising programs.
  • Use leading content distribution networks.
  • Optimize accounts for maximum return on investment.
  • Track top client objectives weekly, monthly & annually.
  • Conduct market research to analyze competitive markets.
  • Research new developments in the online industry.

What Can Your Business Get Out of SEM?

Search Engine Marketing, if done right, is one of the best ways to advertise your business and build your brand for a reasonable price. Furthermore, if implemented correctly, SEM can turn over leads at a quicker pace than other digital marketing strategies.

  • Near Immediate Return – One part of SEM that can’t be ignored is its ability to penetrate the market quickly. In the hands of digital marketing experts, like 309 Marketing, you’ll see ads for your business at the top of search engines within a matter of days.
  • Adjustments Made Easy – If you’re looking to target a different audience or are wanting to switch focus on a different product or service, it isn’t a problem for SEM. An SEM campaign can be changed on the fly, and such activity is often rewarded by search engines, getting you better prices for keywords.
  • Brand Awareness – By keeping your business at the top of the most important search results for your audience, you build brand awareness. The more often your business is featured in search results, the more likely potential new customers will click on your website.

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Search Engine Marketing, in combination with other digital marketing services, can expand your online reach exponentially, and draw in a large number of quality leads. With assistance from 309 Marketing, we can build a robust digital marketing campaign to match the traditional marketing and website development we offer. Some of our other services include:

Talk with a 309 Marketing Representative

For help setting you your Search Engine Marketing to get the best results quickly, give 309 Marketing a call today. You can contact us at 309-213-9398 to request a quote. Also, our Peoria office is located at 311 SW Water Street, Unit 201 Peoria, IL 61602. Other office locations include Schaumburg, Tampa, Orlando and St. Petersburg.


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