Why Your Business Website Needs Professional Photography

A woman taking pictures with her professional camera, as a part of 309 Marketing's photography services

309 Marketing offers professional photography that allows your business to use powerful imagery to create dynamic impressions on your online audience. Professional photography makes your business stand out from the competition in the following ways:

  • Recent research shows 60% of online customers prefer using local search results that include unique images.
  • Another 23% of your online audience said they are more likely to contact a business showcasing high-quality imagery.
  • Poor quality images, outdated pictures, or ones out of focus deter online users from visiting your site.
  • Even high-quality stock photos often fail to separate your business in the online marketplace because many businesses can use the same image.
  • Hubspot recently reported that web pages with professional photos unique to their business saw a 35 percent higher conversion rate than ones with stock photos.
  • Google search engine optimization guides point out that professional photography is one of the best ways to provide original content to help SEO and keep users returning to your site.

Let 309 Marketing help your business create attractive imagery that sets you apart from the competition with professional photography. Give us a call at 309-228-9640 or contact us online for a free quote.

Professional Photography Sells Your Products and Services Better

Many different industries can benefit from strong visuals that sell their products in their marketing materials. For example, restaurants can use professional photography to showcase their delicious food. Your business might be small or new to the market, but high-quality, professional photography will make you look larger and more established. Plus, your imagery will show that what you offer rivals your bigger competitors.

Though service industries provide a bigger challenge, professional photography can still help. Action shots, images of satisfied customers to put with reviews, or photos of finished work can speak to the quality of your services.

Showcase Your Personality with Professional Photos

Professional photography allows your business to connect better with customers by putting its unique personality on display. Authentic photos help your customers connect a face to the names they speak with on the phone or read about in marketing materials. As a result, it helps your business gain credibility and trustworthiness. Plus, dynamic imagery of your staff, whether its head shots or action shots, can offer you great content for the following:

  • An About Us page on your business website
  • Meet the Team pages on your website
  • Social media announcements, ads, and enticements to customers
  • Online and traditional media advertisements

How 309 Marketing Can Grow Your Business with Professional Photography

309 Marketing makes the process of getting beautiful images for your business website, social media accounts, and online or traditional media ads fast and easy. We provide all the cameras, lighting, green screens, reflectors, and other professional photography equipment for a photo shoot. Thus, our team can offer you the following professional photography products:

  • Professional photos of your business storefront, signage, and other points of interest.
  • Headshots of your staff to use for your website, social media, or advertising
  • Photography featuring your employees in action at the office or out in the field
  • Images of your business receiving honors or awards that will speak to the quality of your products or services

Our professional photography can help make your website, social media, and advertising more personable. As a result, your customers will form more meaningful connections with your company. Consequently, trust 309 Marketing to help your business drive revenue with dynamic imagery that will resonate with your customers.

A photo shoot, part of 309 Marketing's photography services

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