Rating Your Business: Why Review Management is Crucial to Your Success!

Rating Your Business: Why Review Management is Crucial to Your Success!

Today’s average consumer conducts more research than ever before. Whether choosing a new shampoo brand or considering a significant purchase like a car, consumers rely heavily on the opinions and recommendations of others. This influences their decisions and shapes their buying and spending habits. Moreover, these habits extend beyond product purchases to decisions about where to shop or whom to hire for services. Potential customers seek the best; if your company boasts positive reviews, it becomes a desirable option.

As such, your business requires an effective review management strategy to capitalize on positive reviews and ensure customer satisfaction. Thankfully, 309 Marketing Group has the tools and experience to ensure your business is always shown in the best possible light. Read on to learn about review management, what it entails, and how it can help promote your company.

What’s Review Management All About?

As the name implies, review management is about tracking and managing the online reviews your business receives. Typically, Google Reviews is the primary review platform businesses are concerned with ranking highly on, but review management can also encompass reviews on sites like Google My Business or Facebook. Using a unique software platform, 309 Marketing Group gives our clients the power to easily monitor, analyze and respond to all reviews. Additionally, we encourage and remind recent customers and clients to review your business on Google My Business or Facebook Reviews.

How Does Review Management Work?

As mentioned, review management involves monitoring, analyzing, and responding to reviews. More specifically, this means:

  • Monitoring – Tracking new reviews from customers across different platforms and review sites to get the most accurate picture of what clients are saying about a business.
  • Analyzing – Looking at reviews to understand a customer’s level of satisfaction, finding issues with your business that can be improved on, and aspects that you’re already doing well.
  • Responding – Whether good or bad, actively engaging with every review to thank the customer and address any problems or concerns they may have.

Here’s an example of how review management might work for your business:

Upon providing plumbing services to a client, the client is happy with the work but doesn’t know how to review your company positively. A few days after service, a message is sent to the client to thank them for working with you and to encourage them to leave a review (with links and instructions for how to do so). The client then leaves a review, giving your company five stars, thus alerting you to the positive feedback. At this point, you can craft a custom response to the review or allow your review management program to respond.

When partnering with 309 Marketing Group and using our review management system, we offer our clients:

  • An easy-to-understand platform that integrates with your CRM system
  • Notification of new reviews submitted to sites like Google or Facebook
  • Automatic texts and emails that send review reminders and instructions to clients until they have submitted a review
  • The ability to craft custom responses to positive and negative reviews and have 309’s review management system automatically respond to feedback

What Does Review Management Do for Your Business?

While review management isn’t a service you necessarily require as a company, managing your reviews is vital to how potential new clients will find and evaluate your business. If you aren’t monitoring and responding to reviews, people will notice, and your ratings can suffer as a result. That’s why 309 Marketing offers to manage your reviews for you! While you’re busy running your company, 309 Marketing can help you succeed by garnering excellent reviews. In fact, we’ve already assisted many local businesses in improving their reviews and increase their brand recognition, with some clients receiving an over 1000% increase to their number of reviews!

Rating Your Business: Why Review Management is Crucial to Your Success!

Thanks to the substantial amount of reviews generated through review management, you can expect to see benefits like:

  • Enhanced Trust and Credibility – People want a brand they can believe in! If they find your business is spoken of highly by many people, it will only increase your brand’s credibility and earn the trust of new and returning customers.
  • Increased SEO Value – Reviews, particularly on platforms like Google, play a crucial role in your business website’s rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). The better your reviews, the more likely search engines recommend your business website to others.
  • Higher Conversion Rates – By appearing more often in search results and continually being accompanied by positive reviews, you’re more likely to attract and convert potential customers. The positive feedback from past customers reassures new and returning customers that they are making the right decision when choosing your products or services.
  • Better Feedback – It’s not only positive reviews that can benefit your business; even negative reviews are helpful! Two or three-star reviews are some of the best, most thought-out reviews. Often, insights can be gleaned from these reviews about what your company can do differently or how you can improve your products/services.
  • Customer Retention – By staying active and engaged with your audience, they are likely to return. Actively managing and responding to reviews demonstrates care and commitment to customer satisfaction, encouraging loyalty and repeat business from your past clients.

Boost Your Online Reputation with 309 Marketing

Great, consistent reviews go a long way toward boosting your business’s brand, profile and reputation. To ensure you get enough positive reviews from happy customers, 309 Marketing Group can assist through review management services. Learn more about review management and how we can implement an effective strategy for your campaign by calling 309-213-9398. We offer review management and additional marketing and web design services to clients across Illinois, Florida, and parts of the U.S.

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