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Secrets for Compelling Copywriting: Engage, Persuade, Convert

Writing for your business or website can be a challenging proposition. Even if you consider yourself a skilled writer, copywriting is something that takes practice, knowledge and experience to perfect. However, there’s good news! Whether writing for your company or someone else, copywriting is a skill anyone can learn. With a little work and by following a few of 309 Marketing’s helpful tips, you can begin producing copywriting that engages, persuades and converts your audience to lifelong customers.

Tip 1: Understand the Subject

This might seem self-explanatory, but you would be surprised how many people write about something without knowing much about the topic they’re writing about. Thankfully, if writing for your business, you likely have a deeper knowledge and understanding of your subject matter than most. However, if you’re writing about something you’ve not written about before, do your research! The last thing you want to do is wax poetic about the benefits of clean teeth, only to be providing the wrong information. Not only is this problematic for your content’s readers, but search engines will begin to rank your content lower.

Tip 2: Know Your Audience

Similar to understanding the topic you’re writing about, you’ll want to understand the audience you’re writing for. You can’t forget: copywriting isn’t for you; it’s for your audience. As such, you want to write in a style more likely to appease or sway your target customers or clients. For example, if selling specialized products to businesses, your content should read as if coming from a professional, be factual, and get straight to the point. Conversely, when creating content about something like games or toys for kids, you want easy-to-understand copy that’s family-friendly and appealing for moms and dads (the ones doing the buying).

Tip 3: Answer Questions

When you get on Google, Bing, or your favorite search engine, how do you look for the information you’re searching for? Do you find yourself typing your search queries in the form of a question? You’re not alone! People searching on the web are often looking to have their questions answered. As such, writing content to answer those questions proves the most beneficial. Say you’re trying to sell your amazingly warm, custom-knit blankets, but no one finds or reads your content. Try creating content that answers questions like: how can you save on heating costs? Or, what are some great gift ideas for Christmas? Rather than hoping someone randomly lands on your content about blankets, you create copy your audience is looking for while directing them to your exceptional product!

Tip 4: Use all the Tools at Your Disposal

The best copywriters aren’t entirely without assistance. After all, writing can be challenging for even the most seasoned writing professionals! As such, having the support you need to succeed is essential. Using tools like Grammarly checks behind your work, helping to catch any mistakes you make. Or, for the most modern copywriters, AI programs now assist writers looking for ideas or inspiration. All of this to say, although you shouldn’t be afraid to use various tools for support, don’t solely rely on them! You want to stay sharp and creative in your writing; even “advanced” programs and technology can make mistakes or errors. Don’t be afraid to use the tools you’re given, but don’t take them for granted, either!

Tip 5: Appeal to Your Audience’s Emotions

Reading the same, copy-paste content will get tiresome to readers after a time. And as soon as your audience grows bored, they will stop engaging with your content. To prevent this, it’s important to imbue your content with compelling prose and interesting stories. While not every piece of content you write will be the epitome of uniqueness and creativity, adding an emotional element to your writing is enough to hook readers and help them believe in what you’re writing.

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Tip 6: Practice, Practice, Practice

Creating exceptional copy is a skill that takes time to refine. Not to mention, learning everything necessary to compelling content will take even longer. The same applies to playing an instrument or riding a bike; you get better with practice. While your first, second and third articles might not attract readers or fully appeal to your audience, you will begin to learn what works. Best of all, once you understand your writing and audience better, you can amend old content to reflect what’s new!

BONUS Tip: Count on 309 Marketing

Writing content is no easy task. It takes time and practice to perfect; however, running a business can prove just as time-consuming. If you know your current marketing strategies and websites lack high-quality, compelling copywriting but don’t have the time to rectify the issue, leave your copy up to the writers at 309 Marketing Group. We’ve helped develop exceptional SEO content, website copy, print pieces, blogs, and much more for our clients across Central Illinois and throughout the U.S. If interested in how 309 Marketing can help with your copywriting or if looking for additional traditional and digital marketing services, contact us today at 309-213-9398. We are located at 311 SW Water St, Ste 202, Peoria, IL 61602.

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