Case Studies

Popejoy Roofing, Inc

Client Objective:

Popejoy Roofing came to 309 Marketing with no existing website or online presence. Most of their business came from referrals or word-of-mouth. Their initial goal was to attract more business by becoming more active on the web.

Who They Are:

Popejoy Roofing is a local roof repair and installation company out of the Champaign/Urbana area. As a Malarkey Roofing Products partner, they offer incredible roofing products with convenient financing and extended warranties. Popejoy Roofing started as a small roofing contractor in 2016 and has grown to one of the area’s preferred roofers.

Services Used:

  • New Website
  • SEO Campaign
  • SEM Strategy
  • Smart Display Ads

Our Plan:

It’s never easy starting a digital marketing strategy from a place of no online presence. However, with 309 Marketing, we have plenty of experience building campaigns from the ground up. We started by creating a full website for Popejoy Roofing, complete with service pages, mobile functionality, a creative design and search engine optimized content. From there, we continued adding SEO content month by month, supporting content with paid ads, programmatic video, Smart Display Ads, and other SEM tactics. We first focused on where Popejoy Roofing was located and expanded our marketing campaign to the surrounding communities.

The Results:

For a contractor who initially relied on “word-of-mouth” for new jobs, Popejoy Roofing’s introduction to an online market showed an incredible increase in potential leads and conversions.

  • Through SEM, Popejoy generates an average of 30 phone calls per month and has an overall conversion rate of 10.82% from all paid online sources.
  • Using data taken from conversions, Smart Display Ads targeted similar consumers with responsive visual advertisements.
    • These ads averaged 60,000 impressions per month
    • The cost per click was kept incredibly low, near $.35

Our Conclusion:

While traditional advertising and trusting “word-of-mouth” work for a stable customer base, it can only get you so far in the internet age. By creating a new website, supporting it with consistent SEO content, and developing an effective paid advertising strategy online, Popejoy Roofing saw incredible returns with an increased audience reach and more leads than ever before.

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