Case Studies

Tanners Orchard

Client Objective:

At the time of hiring 309 Marketing, Tanners Orchard was looking for help managing their social media following while constructing a more robust online presence. Furthermore, Tanners wished to flesh out a digital marketing strategy to attract visitors from outside Peoria, IL, throughout the Midwest.

Who They Are:

Make a day of sweet treats, family bonding and fun on the farm at Tanners Orchard. With apple picking, hayrides, corn mazes, and a farm-fresh café, you’re sure to find something for the whole family. Tanners Orchard has become a family destination with a bakery serving noon lunches, a large community farm market, an orchard, and more.
Services Used:

  • Social Media Management
  • New Website
  • SEO Campaign
  • SEM Strategy

Our Plan:

As Tanners Orchard’s primary goal was to bring in more business through an already prominent social media presence, our job was to build upon their social framework. We set out to introduce fresh ideas to help social media users engage more with Tanners content. Eventually, we introduced a plan for a new website, began work for creating SEO content, and started paid ads to broaden Tanners Orchard’s online profile.

The Results:

Tanners Orchard’s online presence through social media took on new heights in the years since 309 Marketing began handling it.

  • Between July 2019 and July 2021, Tanners Orchard’s Facebook Audience gained near 10,000 more followers (a 16% increase) due to frequent organic content posting.
  • Within this same timeframe, audience reach on social media averaged over 6K per post, with some posts reaching as high as 40k.
  • In helping Tanners Orchard reach a wider audience outside the Greater Peoria area, they had one of their most profitable years on record in 2020.

Our Conclusion:

Efforts to refresh their website, introduce online paid advertising, and create SEO content all contributed to increasing Tanners Orchard’s online presence. However, a mix of organic and promoted social media content was the primary driver of Tanners Orchard’s online success, bringing them more web traffic (and orchard visits).

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