Case Studies

Walnut Timber Buyers

Client Objective:

When Walnut Timber Buyers first reached out to 309 Marketing, they wanted to establish a more significant online presence, putting them ahead of other timber buying companies across Illinois and throughout the surrounding states.

Who They Are:

Walnut Timber Buyers is a licensed, full-service timber buyer for Illinois and the surrounding states. They specialize in evaluating and buying standing timber and cut logs, primarily walnut, black walnut, and white oak. If you are a landowner, logger or importer, Walnut Timber Buyers can assist you throughout the timber buying process.

Services Used:

  • New Website
  • SEO Campaign
  • SEM Strategy
  • Call Rail

Our Plan:

While every digital marketing strategy has its own unique benefits, we often encourage clients to utilize several services in tandem. For example, the SEO pages we write can be used as landing pages for Google Ads in SEM, thus giving your website and individual SEO pages more exposure. And before too long, your SEO pages are standing on their own as they begin to reach the top spots on page one. We built a new website with Walnut Timber Buyers, began adding consistent SEO content, and further boosted the site through paid ads.

The Results:

Over the past few years working with 309 Marketing, Walnut Timber Buyers has reached the top of most Google searches related to “timber buying,” “loggers,” “cut timber,” and much more. Notable results of their SEO campaign include:

  • From February 2019 to June 2021, there was a 105% increase in keywords ranking for positions 1-3 on Google.
  • As of June 2021, of the keywords with SEO pages written for them, 89% were top three on Google for the geographies targeted, and 98% of all keywords were on page one of Google.
  • The SEO campaign not only targeted specific cities throughout Illinois but reflected the ranking of keywords for the entire state and with penetration of timber markets in other surrounding states.

Our Conclusion:

A focused SEO campaign with support from a new website and an SEM strategy can lead to an incredible amount of online exposure for any company. And while Walnut Timber Buyers is an example of how you can see your rankings soar through Search Engine Optimization, they aren’t our only client to see similar growth.

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