Don’t Fall for These 6 Digital Marketing Myths!

Don’t Fall for These 6 Digital Marketing Myths!

There are a ton of misconceptions floating around on the internet for just about anything. For example, did you know Vikings didn’t traditionally wear horns on their helmets? That’s Hollywood for you! Or, were you aware that searing your meat doesn’t make it juicier, as many grill masters seem to think? It’s true! Unfortunately, there are many “facts” we take at face value without proper vetting. And just as these myths can be claimed about anything, the marketing industry has its fair share of myths and misconceptions! Thankfully, 309 Marketing can help you cut through the noise and get straight to the truth. Here are some common marketing myths and what the truth is:

Myth 1: Only Large Businesses Should Do Digital Marketing

Why this myth ever began, we might never know! However, one thing is for sure: it couldn’t be further from the truth. While bigger businesses might have a larger budget for marketing, this doesn’t mean smaller businesses can’t also benefit from marketing and advertising strategies. Plenty of cost-effective digital marketing strategies exist that small to medium-sized businesses can use, such as content marketing¬†or social media posting.

Additionally, it isn’t the money you put into a digital marketing campaign that makes it successful, but the quality of ads/content, their placement, and the audience being targeted. You can make the most of even the smallest budgets with trained marketing professionals to guide your strategy.

Myth 2: All You Need is a Website to Standout

This may have been true a few decades ago, when websites were a new concept and online advertising was getting its start. In today’s digital age, a website alone won’t get your business seen. Think of it this way: you can build the most unique, most beautiful home, but if it’s out in the middle of nowhere with no marked roadways leading to it, it will be a challenge for friends to find or passersby to appreciate. That’s where digital marketing strategies like PPC advertising and SEO come into play. Digital marketing is the “infrastructure” that will lead your audience to the exceptional website you’ve created.

Myth 3: The More Content You Have, the Better

Although content is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy, more of it doesn’t always mean “better results.” As the adage goes, quality over quantity! The same rings true when writing content for a website. Suppose you continually put out page after page of content without much variation between pages or much of the content repeating itself. In that case, you will likely harm your organic rankings on search engines.

The best strategy when creating search-engine-optimized content for your site is to ensure it’s detailed, well-researched, and coming from an authoritative source regarding the topics being discussed. The more helpful and informative the content you create, the better the chance that search engines like Google or Bing will pick it up and rank it higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Myth 4: Traditional Marketing = Old and Busted; Digital Marketing = New Hotness!

Don't Fall for These 6 Digital Marketing Myths!

Video killed the radio star; now, the internet is coming for traditional marketing! It’s accurate to say that more people than ever see ads online, with 75% of online users saying paid online ads make it easier to find what they are looking for. However, this shift to digital marketing doesn’t mean the death of traditional marketing. In fact, the combination of digital and traditional has made advertising more effective and pervasive than ever.

Television, print, radio, etc., each reach different demographics that aren’t always covered through digital channels. Additionally, video and audio advertising still get excellent traction, especially through digital channels like streaming or podcasts. It’s less a matter of what does and doesn’t work and more of adapting to ongoing changes in consumer buying, spending and viewing habits.

Myth 5: You Must Be on Every Social Media Channel

Although social media is an excellent way to connect with your audience, it can be plenty effective in the few channels you know your audience prefers. It’s a common misconception that you miss out on potential leads if your business isn’t on every social media channel. While this can be true to a degree, it’s not worth the effort to make yourself visible on channels your target customers don’t use.

For example, TikTok is used by over 800 million people, with thousands viewing its short-form content daily. However, TikTok’s user base tends to skew younger, with one in every four users under 20, and almost half are under 30. If you’re trying to sell a product through this platform for older individuals (such as an anti-hair-loss cream), you’re less likely to attract new customers through TikTok. Hence, it is more beneficial to focus marketing efforts on the social media channels the majority of your target audience uses.

Myth 6: The Goal of Marketing is to Sell More

This thought process doesn’t consider the entire picture of marketing. While selling goods and services is one goal of a successful advertising campaign, it isn’t the only reason to market your business. If you only focus on sales, your marketing strategy will likely suffer.

In addition to attracting new leads, marketing aims to build your brand and create better relationships with customers. After all, it’s great to bring in new customers, but you want to retain the ones you already have. The only way to do so is to create loyalty between your audience and brand.

Bust Every Digital Marketing Myth with a Fresh Marketing Strategy

309 Marketing continually breaks preconceived ideas around digital marketing, proving every business can succeed with a focused, robust online advertising campaign. Jump on the digital marketing bandwagon and start promoting your products, services and brand through 309 Marketing. Our services entail website design, paid online ads, search engine optimization, social media management, review management and generation, and more. Call today at 309-213-9398.

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